Best of quotes of the Day:

Trying not to react to Rinati's outburst, Sid Feldman's face had frozen into an awkward smile, his eyes twitching; Angela St. Germain's face was white and sweat trickled out of her armpits and down her plump arms, ruining her Channel silk blouse; and a reeking bubble of gas worked its way through Jimmy Podwall's colon, past yesterday's digested burrito, escaped through his anal sphincter, and seeped from between his cheeks and out of his Canali trousers, a deadly, silent neutron bomb of a fart that the lawyers struggled not to notice. Rinati glared at them with crazy eyes, then leaned over and scratched the ears of his smelly, three-legged mutt, Butch, who lifted his head and blissfully closed he eyes, allowing saliva to drip onto the hotel conference room carpet...

"I don't want to kill Jacobs, I just want to hurt him bad, really bad." Rinati spit out the words as his black eyes drilled holes through the three lawyers sitting opposite him...

Joel Burcat

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." 

--Anton Chekov

AMID RAGE Mike Jacobs Book 2)