Joel Burcat writes thrillers. As a practicing environmental lawyer his focus is environmental legal thrillers that are both electrifying and accurate. His published shorter works range from thrillers about “the best beer I've ever had,” to a middle-aged lawyer running off to Italy thereby jeopardizing the lives and careers of his young associates, to midnight dumpers, to murderers for hire.

Burcat’s writings explore many facets of life, although he has a real fascination with the twists in life that are unexpected. Characters in his stories range from the person lying in bed next to you to psychopathic strip mine operators. He tries to squeeze out of the people who populate his stories the motivation underlying what they do. Their reasons for doing things are as important as their actions.

Burcat has completed five novels. Three of them are environmental legal legal thrillers, DRINK TO EVERY BEAST, AMID RAGE, and STRANGE FIRE. Watch for DRINK TO EVERY BEAST, published by Headline Books and available at bookstores, Amazon, and Kindle in April 2019. Link to
Headline Books.  

He’s also written a novel—LITTLE BROTHER—that is a speculative thriller about a local police department that goes to war with the FBI. His first novel—WHIZ KID—is a story set in Philadelphia in 1950 and is centered on the astonishing and unlikely season of the Philadelphia Phillies – the Whiz Kids.

Burcat grew up in Philadelphia. He has two grown daughters, and lives with his wife in Pennsylvania, the place which provides the setting for many of his stories.

About the writer:

​​​​Quote of the day:

If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.

-Anton Chekov

Joel's Publisher is Headline Books, Inc.:

Joel Burcat