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"I don't want to kill Jacobs, I just want to hurt him bad, really bad." Rinati spit out the words as his black eyes drilled holes through the three lawyers sitting opposite him...

Joel Burcat

Author of short stories and novels. Writer of eco-thrillers, speculative thrillers, and imaginative stories about everything from beer to murder.

Leaving Rhodesia

I cannot escape an enduring childhood memory. The year was 1979, I was jammed into the back seat of my father’s Jaguar, and it must have been 95 degrees outside. My baby brother, Simon, was sitting on our nanny’s lap crying. Our air conditioner was not working or just couldn’t keep up. The car was completely filled with our belongings and Father drove slowly as it was so heavy. All along the road south to South Africa was a steady stream of people, mostly whites and some blacks. We were escaping the coming of Zimbabwe and were leaving the home of my birth in Salisbury, Rhodesia...

Semi-Finalist, ScreenCraft Short Story Competition, for Excellence and Cinematic Potential, February, 2017 

    Jules was like a father to me, and despite how much I detested him, you can imagine my shock and grief when I received word that he was dead...

The Montreal Review,

Semi-Finalist, ScreenCraft Short Story Competition, for Excellence and Cinematic Potential, January 2016


Amid Rage